Accessed from the Museum's trophy room, the Secrets board lists 13 achievements.  With the exception of "Some Extra Gold", these have no in-game effect.

  • Family Time: Spend a full minute on the Home (the house you build in game, not the main menu) screen.
  • Fire-Lit: Click on the candle in the Museum's reception hall.  Continue clicking until the candle is lit. This is a reference to when you light a bonfire, in Dark Souls.
  • Hello Ground: Upgrade your training room until a small whale statue appears.  This is a reference to the whale in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  • I Love Mouse: Upgrade your training room until a cat appears.  This is a reference to a line from Anchorman.
  • I'm A Weirdo: Click on the Soul peeking out from behind the scrolls in the Shop.
  • Lost Children: See the Lost Children article.
  • Leave Me Alone: Click on the female Soul standing on the site of your Home.  Continue clicking until she objects.
  • Rare Paintings: When fed, your pet mushroom monster has a small chance of giving you a painting.  Each portrait is a character in the video game Dark Souls.
  • R.I.B.: Click on the Shop's awning.  Continue clicking until a male Soul -- possibly the player's character from the Rogue Souls games -- falls out of the sky and bounces off the awning.
  • Some Extra Gold: Use the "Free Gold" icon at the bottom of the Soul Town map to gain 500 Cu.
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